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'All Hallows' Eve' Door Hanger

Posted by Courtney Samlal on


Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Door Hanger

Spooky Napkin Set

DecoArt Americana Ultra Blue Deep, Dioxazine Purple, Titanium (Snow White), Lamp Black

Round Sponge Brush

Paint Brush #5 or #6

Mixed Media Gllue or Mod Podge

Black Glitter

Orange Glitter

DecoArt Dura Clear Satin Varnish

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Additional Supplies:  small piece of course sandpaper, plastic wrap or page protector, old gift card or credit card

Sometimes a door in your hallway or the door to your classroom is just calling out for a little holiday décor and the “All Hallows’ Eve” Door Hanger is just the thing.  What better than something that is actually meant to hand on a door.  Follow along with directions below to add this adorable piece to your Halloween decorating collection!

  • Paint the entire hanger (front and back) white
  • Cut ¼ of the napkin from the rest and set aside the remainder.
  • While the paint is drying, tear (refer to picture) down the left side of the moon continuing down the branches to about 2” down from the top fold of the napkins. (You have torn off the top right corner).
  • Separate the layers of the napkin disgarding or saving the white parts (this napkin is 3 ply – 2 white layers, one patterned)
  • Paint some decoupage glue onto the top right corner of the hanger (extend farther than the napkin edge) and lay napkin on top.
  • Place plastic wrap or page protector over napkin, use edge of old gift card to smooth out bubbles and any creases.
  • Gently remove plastic and let dry.
  • Place the whole remainder of the napkin piece into the left bottom corner and mark the top )to know how far to go with decoupage glue).
  • Lift the napkin, paint decoupage glue onto the bottom of the hanger going up as far as your mark.
  • Lay the napkin on top and proceed as you did for the top corner moon piece. Let dry.
  • Paint a second coat of decoupage glue over all napkin pieces. Let dry.
  • Use your sandpaper to remove excess napkin on right side top using a top to bottom motion)
  • Put out puddles of black, purple, blue and white paint.
  • Using your sponge puncer, pick up some purple and black paint and pounce over large tree.
  • Without cleaning the pounces, pick up some blue and a little white and continue to pounce in colour blending as you go. Using a variation of colour, complete the sky (add a little more black to darken or white to lighten).  Let dry.
  • Turn the hanger over and pounce the same colours on to the back.
  • Paint edges of hanger black and use a dry brush and black to darken and shade the edges all around the front of the hanger.
  • Using the point of your round brush and black paint, extend branches beyond the napkin edge to complete the top of the tree (see picture)
  • Varnish the front and back of hanger (I did 2 coats on the front). Let dry between coats.
  • Paint some Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue here and there onto the tree branches.
  • Sprinkle with black glitter
  • Paint some Aleene’s glue here and there on pumpkins.
  • Sprinkle with orange glitter
  • Glue 2 bats on to the hanger (see picture).

And there you go – all done!  Display your hanger and enjoy the compliments you receive from everyone who sees it.  Hope you enjoyed this project – “try it, you’ll love it”|



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