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Butterflies Happy Birthday Card Tutorial

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Supplies available at Designaholic Studio

*blank card

*sheet music (coming soon)

*Itd rice paper (any pretty floral that will fit on your card)

*Itd soft decoupage paper (Adventures or Blue Hydrangea)

*Pink butterfly napkin

*White Gesso

*Mixed media glue (Stamperia or Mod Podge)

*Picket Fence Plaid stencil

*DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paintable Paste

*Daler Rowney Watercolour pan set

*Designaholic Studio paper snippets

*Graphite Stamperia ink pad

*flat paint brush

*#5 or #6 round brush

Other Supplies: sentiment stamp (Happy Birthday, Get Well etc.), spray bottle, glue stick

It's been a while since there has been a new blog on our site.  We have been busy, busy doing videos, stocking our store, filling orders and dealing with issues that are totally unrelated to our wonderful business.  BUT things have settled a little and it's time to get a new project out to everyone.  I did this as a card but you can certainly do it on a canvas or in your journal.  I don't have one of those yet but I am anxious to get one started.  Here we go - step by step directions to help you to do what I did or to inspire you to use your own glorious creation.  This project may look daunting, especially with the number of steps BUT it's not! - it's just fun.  Play, experiment, no one way is the right way.  Be sure to read all of the directions before starting.

Step 1 - Create the background!

*tear off strips or pieces of sheet music, written areas from soft decoupage paper and pieces from your rice paper (not the focal point).

*begin to adhere these pieces to your card (one at a time) by putting glue under the piece and then over the piece using a brush.

*continue until you are pleased with the arrangement - you don't have to use all of the pieces - save some for another project and leaving some white spaces is fine. Let dry.


Step 2 - Using Gesso

*using your finger, apply Gesso to edges of your background pieces, blending into the background.

*rub softly in a circular motion eliminating those edges. Let dry.

Step 3 - Applying Gesso under focal point and butterflies

*tear your focal point out of your rice paper 

*place it where you want it on your card, lifting it a little at a time, put a good layer of Gesso under it (this is not meant to adhere the image but rather to create a white base under it). Let dry.

*use the same method for the butterflies (remember to separate the three layers of napkin using only the top layer before gluing down). 

Step 4 - Adhering images

*Rice paper image - place glue area where image is to go - lay down image and gently smooth out with side of hand - paint glue over the top. Let dry.

*napkin butterflies - place butterfly, lift a small section, glue under, lay down image, glue on top - repeat! Let dry.

Step 5 - Softening edges

*soften edges of butterflies and flower whit Gesso as before.  Allow the Gesso to wander onto different areas of the surface.  Let dry.

Step 6 - Stenciling

*Stencil here and there using texture paste to create dimension.  Let dry thoroughly.  

Step 7 - Watercolour

*using a paintbrush, dab some colour (one that matches your design - mine was dark pink) onto and between textured areas and let it travel.  Spraying a little water helps this process.

*do the same with black (keeping it light by using a bit more water in your brush).  Shade down the sides, across the top and in the corners with black.

Step 8 - Stamping

*stamp any sentiment onto the card. Let dry.

Step 9 - Raising the stenciled areas

*raise the stenciled texture a bit more by brushing with a little more Gesso creating a rough surface - go over the words a bit if they are a little too dark.

Step 10: Words inside

*stamp your sentiment onto a paper snippet (in a coordinating colour) and glue to the inside. 

Step 11: Adhering butterflies

*gently tear 3, 4, or 5 butterflies from the napkin.  Separate the layers.

*apply them here and there on the inside and back of the card - so pretty!

Your card is ready for the mail.  I had to make an envelope because I didn't think ahead and used a card that I made myself.  Use a standard mixed media card or watercolour card that comes with an envelope - problem solved!

Have fun, play, experiment, try new ideas and remember my mantra "try it, you'll love it"!


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