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Coffee and Keys Wood Tag

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Hey there!

Our next project is a rustic and whimsical tag made from wood and coffee.  Below are a list a supplies for this project available at Designaholic Studio:

Wooden Tag

Domed Epoxy Embellishment

Vintage Key


Aleen’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Wow – look at what happens when you accidentally knock your morning coffee, and it spills onto a wooden tag.  Who knew I was creating a masterpiece?  I have actually known about this technique for eons, but I guess I put it into the vault in my mind and there it stayed until I had a little mishap.  Admittedly, I took the technique a little further by dropping instant coffee granules onto the tag.  Then I added a little more black coffee, swooshed it around and voila.  Don’t worry if the granules don’t dissolve completely.  That just adds a little more character to your work of art.  You won’t find instant coffee at Designaholic Studio, but you most definitely will find wooden tags.  (Just a little note – I tried the fine grains of coffee from a coffee pod, but they didn’t work very well.) 

Once the coffee stain had dried, I added some torn scrapbook paper.  Fearing that my coffee-stained background could fall prey to damage from other liquid predators, I put a thin layer of satin varnish over the entire tag and let it dry.  I absolutely love the domed epoxy embellishments (exclusive to DS) and was determined to use one on this project.  I think it looks great joining the two pieces of scrapbook paper.  AND what would any project be without the key to your heart?  This metal embellishment was the perfect size for this project and adds just the right amount of texture and whimsy. 

The final touch to this tag resulted from another ‘oops’ moment.  I had used a stamp on the left bottom corner and absolutely did not like it.  So, here is my advice – if you don’t like it, erase it.  If you can’t erase it, cover it.  If you can’t cover it, salvage what you can, throw away the rest and start again.  Just don’t stress over it.  We are having fun – crafting to relax remember!!

 I covered up the ‘mislaid’ stamp with rows of twine and it looks so much better.  Mixed media is all about texture and the key, dome and twine add that superbly!  I just love the finished product!

Well, I am off to my next challenge, wishing you a fun crafting day and leaving you once again with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it”.


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