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DIY Clothespeg Photo Holder

Posted by Courtney Samlal on


Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

6” wood clothes peg clip

Nougat Allegro acrylic paint

Titanium White Allegro acrylic paint

Potpourri Napkin

Mix Media Glue

White Gesso

Daler-Rowney Watercolour Pan Set

Lattice Decorative Chips

Flora Decorative Chips

Craft Paint Brush Set

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Matte Varnish

Other Supplies: Old book page


I am sure that most of you are wondering what on earth a 6” clip could be used for and therefore why bother to do a cool mixed media on it.  Well, here’s what I do with the ones that I have.  I use them to hold pictures of my children or a vintage picture of my Grandmother and Grandfather or a picture of my garden.  I love to change up the pictures because it is so much easier than taking them in and out of a frame.  I use them to hold cherished recipe cards that were written by my Grandma and that I would never get rid of no matter how far technology has advanced.  Sometimes I use them to hold a favourite birthday card or Christmas card.  Sometimes they hold nothing.  They just stand on a shelf looking pretty.  These clips are easy and fun and quick to do.  The most tedious part is painting the clip.  Apparently, you can take the clip apart and paint and reassemble but I don’t do that.  I would never get it back together and all my hard work would have been for naught.  Here goes the process…Have Fun!

  • Paint the top flat surface of the front and back white (2 coats)
  • Paint the rest of the clip, inside and out with Nougat (at least 2 coats)
  • Rip a small piece of book page long enough to fit the top of the clip and wide enough to go ¾ of the way across.
  • Tear a second piece of book page that will fit down the left side of the clip and ¾ of the way across.
  • Using your mix media glue adhere the book page by putting adhesive on the clip where the book page will lie and then apply the glue over top of the page.
  • While this is drying, tear out the section of the napkin that you have chosen, separate the three layers (sometimes the last layer is a little difficult to get off).
  • Use your finger to apply white Gesso down the right side of the clip (under where you are going to place your napkin). It will extend over the book page.  That’s what you want it to do.  Allow the Gesso to fade out onto the print.  Let this dry before you put the napkin on *you should not see a hard edge of Gesso*
  • Once again using your finger and a small amount of Gesso (no globs) blend the edge of the napkin into the background. Let dry.
  • Using your watercolour paint (I used dark brown) do some shading around the napkin, on the sides of the whole clip, across the top and bottom of both sections and onto the sides. You are almost done.
  • Clip off a piece of trellis from the Rose Trellis Decorative Chips sheet to fit the top part of the clip. Keep your extra trimmed pieces – everything comes in handy at some point.
  • Clip out the three bloom pieces from the Dandelions Decorative Chips sheet.
  • Using Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue (I absolutely love this glue), glue on the trellis piece and the three blooms piece.
  • Use brown watercolour to shade inside the left side of the trellis and around the flower blooms. This makes the chips pop as they have no finish on them.
  • Put 2 coats of varnish on from, back, sides and top of the clip.

Well, that’s it.  Your clip is finished and ready to hold whatever you like.  Have a fun crafting day and I’m finishing up with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it”!


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