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"Inspire" Greeting Card Tutorial

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Stamper “House of Roses” paper pad

Stamperia “Hortensia” paper pad

Mixed Media Card

Aleene’s Tacky Quick Dry Glue

Lace Border

Small White Doily

DS Texture Cream – Lilac

Sentiments Stencil

Paper Snippets

Stickles Glitter Glue

Daler-Rowney Watercolour Pan Set

Other Supplies – Scissors

I am very excited to present the beautiful work of an accomplished and experienced card maker and crafter (who also happens to be my fabulous Aunt Lynne).  She has generously volunteered to create a few of her lovely cards for our blog.  She has given us step-by-step directions for this gorgeous greeting card.  Everything she used, except for the solid purple cardstock, were materials that are available on our site.  Once she had volunteered, I sent her a grab bag full of items from Designaholic Studio and asked her to use them in whatever way she chose.  Her first card is called “Inspire” and she certainly met and exceeded my expectations.  I’m giving you a step-by-step just as she gave it to me:

  • Cut out a 4”x6” rectangle from “House of Roses” paper pad and adhere it to the middle of your watercolor card. This was Aunt Lynne’s first time using Aleen’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue and she reports that she likes how quickly it dries and how it really holds things well!
  • Begin to build the card by attaching a 2.5” piece of lace border to the background (1” down from the top of the background paper and even with the right-hand side). Use a colour of choice. 
  • Cut a small white doily in ½ and glue it onto the left side of the background lining it up with the top. This will overlap the lace.
  • Fussy cut the hydrangeas out of a piece of Hortensia paper.
  • Do the same with the fence, bird, and birdhouse.
  • Glue the hydrangeas onto a piece of purple cardstock and cut out leaving a ¼” border all around.
  • Do the same with the bird/birdhouse and fence.
  • Glue the hydrangeas onto the card ensuring that they overlap the white doily and the yellow lace border slightly.
  • The hydrangeas should be on the right side of the card and be significant in the background.
  • Glue the bird, birdhouse, and fence onto the bottom of the card making sure to leave the hydrangeas in full view.
  • Aunt Lynne used a rose that she had stenciled and cut out earlier (lucky it was purple) put she says to use any lovely flower that you cut out of your paper pad.
  • Use a white paper snippet, the purple texture cream, and the word stencil to stencil an inspiring sentiment.
  • Shade around all outside edges with dark purple watercolour.
  • Glue the word to your card in any position that appeals to you!
  • Enhance the white doily, the hydrangeas, and the fence with Stickles Glitter glue.
  • Glue the lavender lace border to the bottom of the picture that have created for your card and you are done! Ta dah!

Thank you so much Aunt Lynne for your amazing contribution to our Blog.  We are so looking forward to putting more of your fabulous card on our site.  Christmas in August is coming, and it would be wonderful to have a Christmas card or two HINT, HINT!!

I am off to my next project, wishing you a fun crafting day and leaving you with my mantra “try it, you’ll love it”!    



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  • Beautiful card! Love all the different layers to it. Even if you didn’t use the exact same materials the instructions seem easy to follow!

    Carly on

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