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Plant Marker, aka "Plant Poke" Tutorial

Posted by Courtney Samlal on


Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Paint Stir Stick

Allegro acrylic paint (we used Earth, Chocolate, Avocado, Dark Green)

Allegro acrylic paint in Titanium White


Wax Candle

Herbs Napkin Set

Butterfly stickers

Mix Media Glue

Craft and Glue Paint Brush


Chipboard Letters

Daler Rowney Watercolour Pan Set

#5 or #6 round paint brush

DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Other Supplies: Sandpaper

 What fun this project was and so useful.  This is the perfect time of year to make these plant pokes.  They will look amazing in your own herb pots whether in your yard or on your patio.  They would make a lovely year end teacher gift accompanied by a potted herb or a lovely “thank you for inviting us for dinner’ gift.  They work up quickly so you could start a ‘stash’.  Have fun and here we go:

  • Paint your stir stick with at least 2 coats of your chosen background colour. Let dry.
  • Rub the stick all over (front, back and sides) with the candle, getting good coverage.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Titanium White.
  • Using a small piece of sandpaper, sand off areas of white letting the background colour show through to create a worn look.
  • Tear the appropriate herb out of your napkin.
  • Separate the layers of the napkin (this napkin has 3 layers).
  • Cut the butterfly that you are using from the sheet of stickers.
  • Apply a coat of mix media glue to the top of the stick (area above the indent) and apply the napkin piece and the butterfly sticker.
  • Put a second coat of mix media glue over these elements.
  • Sand off the excess sticker and/or napkin using a downward motion (top to bottom)
  • Using your Aleene’s glue, glue down your twine as you wrap it around the stick in the indented area. Hold it until it grabs.  You may get gluey fingers, but it literally peels off when dry.
  • Apply glue to the chipboard/scrabble letters, one at a time and glue to the paint stick, lining them up one under the other. These will stick quite quickly.  I paint the glue on so that I don’t have globs of glue squirting out the sides and causing ridges.
  • Shade around the twine under and to the side of the letters, down the sides, across the top and bottom using a watercolour shade that will match the colour of your original base colour.
  • Tie your second piece of twin at the bottom of the wrapped twine, making a bow. If you would rather just tie a knot - go for it.  Trim off excess.
  • Give the entire surface 2-3 coats of Triple Thick Glaze. Let it dry well between coats.

Well, everyone – that’s it – you’re done.  You’ve DIY’d yourself a treat or you’ve made a lovely gift.  Enjoy!!  Have a fun crafting day and I leave you with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it”.


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