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“It's Wintertime” Greeting Card Tutorial

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Mixed Media Cards

“It’s Wintertime” Napkin Set

Stamperia Mix Media Glue (or Mod Podge)

Glitter Cardstock

Fine iridescent glitter

Allegro Titanium White Acrylic Paint

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Paint Brush

Daler-Rowney Watercolor Pan Set

 Other Supplies:

Plain black cardstock,

A piece of white watercolour paper or mixed media paper at least 6” x 6”,

Any source that you can cut a deer from, or any other woodland creature (an old Christmas card, scrapbook paper, rice paper, an old calendar)

Snowflake Stickers

I am really excited to be showing you the next card that my wonderful Aunt has sent me for our blog.  The minute I saw it, I felt calm and peaceful, and I would have loved to be standing on that bridge gazing at the deer.  Oh well - wishful

thinking and all that!  Aunt Lynne tells me that most of her supplies did come from Designaholic Studio, but she admitted to using a few things that she had in her stash.  We all have those embellishments that make our work our own.  She gave me step-by-step directions and with her permission, I am passing them on to all of you just in case you would like to make this lovely card.

  • Measure and cut out a 4” x 6” piece of black cardstock.
  • Glue that piece of cardstock to the middle of your watercolour card
  • Use mixed media glue to adhere the napkins to the white paper remembering to separate the layers of napkin before gluing it down. This napkin is 3-ply, so you have to take off 2 layers of backing.
  • Put some glue across the top of the white paper, very gently lay your napkin onto it, apply more glue over the top of the glued section. Repeat this process until the whole napkin is glued down.
  • Let this dry completely.
  • Trim the glued napkin to 4 ¾” long x 4 ½” wide.
  • Using Aleene’s glue, attach the piece that you just cut to the black cardstock leaving a space of 1” at the bottom.
  • Cut a piece of glitter cardstock 3/4” x 4 ¼” and glue to bottom of card leaving a nice even border of black around the glitter paper.
  • Attach snowflake stickers to the top left and right corners. Use as many as you like.
  • After cutting out your deer, glue him to the bottom of the card, just above the bottom of the napkin
  • Use some dark brown watercolour on and around his legs, under his chest and up his neck as well as along his back and down his tail. This enhancement makes him look more real.
  • Paint white acrylic paint heavily on to the bottom of the scene, under and around the deer’s feet – you want it to look 3 dimensional.
  • Paint a thin layer of glue onto the water, snow deer and tree trunks. Work quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry.
  • Use your fingers to sprinkle glitter over all the glue covered areas. Allow to dry.
  • Glitter up the snowflakes if you like.

Your lovely card is now ready to be given to one of your favourite people.

I am very much looking forward to showing you’re the next card my aunt does for us.  She tells me that it is great fun to see her work on our blog so I’m guessing that Aunt Lynne may be contributing more cards in the future.

So everyone, have a fun crafting day and I leave you with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it”!



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