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Toadstool Fairy Door

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Supplies Available at Designaholic Studio:

Fairy Door                                                       Nougat Allegro Acrylic Paint

Brown or Earth Allegro Acrylic Paint                   Mushroom Napkin

Wood Grain Stamp                                         Mod Podge

Small Metal Gear                                            Small Round Sponge Brush

Glazing Medium                                             Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Small Vintage Key                                           Craft and Glue Paint Brush  

Triple Thick Gloss Varnish 

Other Supplies:

Small Button                                                    

Well, the idea for this little adventure came as one of those “ah ha!” moments.  I really had no idea what I wanted to do.  I often struggle with deciding on a country look versus a more pastel, floral design.  This time though, country won out.  I pulled out some of my napkins, tried quite a few and it wasn’t until I came to the mushrooms that I found just what I was looking for.  Those mushrooms were also going to allow me to try my new wood grain stamp which worked beautifully on this project.  Once again, easy and fun.  I’m not looking for anything super challenging.  We are all facing enough challenges right now, so my art activities can’t be another one. 

Start by painting your door with 2 coats of Nougat acrylic paint.  Carefully tear off the part of the napkin that you want to use, separate the layers (a 3-ply napkin will have 3 separate pieces) and then place the napkin where you want it.  Lift the napkin and brush a tiny bit of decoupage glue onto the door.  Pressing the napkin into the glue will hold it while you spread glue under the rest of the napkin, one side at a time.  Place a piece of plastic (I use a page protector) over the napkin and gently scrape an old credit card or gift card over the surface to eliminate air bubbles.  Remove the plastic very, very gently, folding it back rather than trying to lift it right up.  Cover the napkin with a second coat of decoupage glue and allow to dry.  I use a flat paintbrush with the glue because that generally produces a fairly flat surface (no ridges). 

Let dry!  Before we get to adding some of the wood grain effect with the stamp, cover the entire door with a coat of Glazing Medium so that you can remove the woodgrain stamping easily and re-do it if you make a “boo boo” or if you don’t like it.  I use a dampened paper towel to remove the stamping and do it as soon as possible after laying it down if you make a mistake.  Once you like the way the wood grain looks, let the stamping dry.  Paint a dark brown frame around the window, use your sponge dabber to do some light, watery shading around the outside of the door and to the right of the larger mushrooms.  Varnish the door.  The type of varnish you use will depend on where you want to put your fairy door.  Three coats of Triple Thick Varnish should do if your door is going outside or into the solid of an indoor plant.  Regular varnish is fine if the door isn’t going outside or getting wet. 

Glue a small piece of clock gear and a button in place as a doorknob and last but not least glue on a small vintage key.  The fairies in your vicinity will truly appreciate a new entrance to their world.  😉

Well everyone, whishing you’re a fun crafting day and leaving you with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it!”



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