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Valentine's Day Decoupage Box

Posted by Courtney Samlal on


Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

*round paper mache box


*Heart napkin set

*Red 5/8” grosgrain ribbon (coming soon)

*DecoArt Acrylic Paint – Snow (Titanium) White, Tuscan Red

*Craft and Glue Paint Brush (flat paint brush)

*#5 or #6 round paint brush

*Stamperia Mix Media Glue or Mod Podge

*DecoArt Satin Varnish

*Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue


Hi everyone!  Can you believe that Christmas is so far behind us already and we are quickly coming up on Valentine’s Day?  Thought we’d do a quick little project just to get you in the mood for the special day.  The directions may look a bit long, but this piece is relatively easy and quick – you may want to do multiples for all of the special loves in your life!

Here we go…

* paint the entire box (inside and out) white – 3 coats on outside and bottom, 1 coat everywhere else.

* Re-paint the lid (inside and out) Tuscan Red (as many coats as necessary to achieve opaque coverage).

* Re-paint the inside of the box red (as many coats as necessary to achieve opaque coverage).  Let everything dry. 

*  Paint decoupage glue onto the top of the lid, centre the doily and place on to the lid.

* Apply a coat of decoupage glue over the top of the doily.  Let dry.  HINT:  you may need to lift some edges with your brush and add additional decoupage glue underneath and on top to secure the doily and to make sure that it’s very flat.

* Dampen a round paint brush, paint around the hearts that you choose to use with water (I used 6 of them) and separate them from the napkin.

* Separate the layers of napkin hearts HINT: This napkin is 3 – ply: 2 white layers and 1 patterned.  The 2 white layers need to be removed.

* Place the lid on the box to ensure that you don’t adhere the hearts to an area that is under the lid.

* Working one heart at a time, place heart on the box, life one side, paint some decoupage glue under, put heart down and glue over top.  Repeat for the other half of the heart.

* Arrange the other hearts here and there and attach them to the box in the same manner as the first.  Let dry. 

* Cut a piece of ribbon that will fit around the edge of the lid and using Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue painted carefully onto the back of the ribbon, attach the ribbon to the edge of the lid.

* Make a smallish bow from the ribbon and glue to the seam on the lid edge.  HINT: I had to hold the bow for awhile to get it to stay in place.

* Put some red paint onto a piece of palette paper or a plastic plate or even a saucer.

*Dampen your round paint brush, dip into paint. Work the paint into your brush by rubbing back and forth on your paper or plate and gently shade around each heart – see photo.

Once this is dry, use your flat brush to varnish the box.  Do NOT varnish the inside rim of the LID!!!!  If you do, the lid will most likely stick to the box and you won’t be able t open it.  This I learned though experience! ☹

Your box is done!  It’s now ready to hold a Valentine’s Day gift or to act as a holder for some cinnamon hearts or foil wrapped chocolate hearts.  You may want to keep it out all year, it’s so pretty.  We at Designaholic Studio hope you had fun and encourage you to try more of our free projects – “try it, you’ll love it”.


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