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Winter Critters Holiday Card Tutorial

Posted by Courtney Samlal on

Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Winter Critters Napkin Set

Mix Media Glue or Mod Podge

Craft Paint Brush or Foam Brush

Pop Dots Adhesive

Glitter Glue


Other Supplies:

Watercolour paper and/or mixed media paper

I am so excited to show you the second Holiday card that my aunt created featuring one of Designaholic Studio’s cutest decoupage napkins.  I generally use napkins and rice paper in mixed media art but she is a card maker and her creation made me wonder what she used as a background for this card.  When I asked here, she wondered if I was losing it since it’s one of our napkins as well. Of course it’s how she uses the napkins that make them unrecognizable to me.  Alright…let’s get started!

*Using one whole quarter of the Winter Critters napkin, separate the layers (this is a 3 layer napkin – 1 image layer and 2 white layers). 

*Decoupage entire quarter napkin onto a piece of watercolor paper (first image) that is larger than the napkin piece.  Let Dry.

*Repeat this process for a second time on a second piece of watercolour paper (2nd image).  Let dry. Set aside.

*Trim the excess watercolour paper from around the first image.

*Using double sided tape, adhere the first image to a piece of coloured cardstock (any color that compliments the picture - my aunt used blue). Trim the edges of the coloured cardstock leaving a small border around the napkin image (I would use a paper cutter for this). 

*Now it's time to make the actual card.  Cut a piece of watercolor paper or heavy mixed media paper – 12” long and 6” wide.

*Use a boning tool, a credit card edge or a sturdy ruler to create a fold line right down the middle of this piece and then fold to create the 6" x 6" card.

*Using double sided tape again (I would be generous) tape the first image (the one on the coloured cardstock) to the front of the card.

*Take the second image and cut out (fussy cut) the squirrel with the pinecone and separately, the robin with the pots and the apple (see photos).

*Use “pop dots” (3-dimensional sticky round or square adhesive dots) to attach the squirrel cut-out and the robin cut-out on top of the images that are already on the card.  Your squirrel and robin are now popping off the card.  How cool is that??

*Add some red glitter or gemstones to the berries, iridescent glitter to the tree branches, snow on the pots and on the pinecone and the snow under the pop-outs.  If you use glitter glue, apply it directly to the card.  If you use actual glitter, paint on some adhesive first like Mod Podge or Aleene’s glue.

My aunt tells me that she really enjoyed making this card and she hopes that you will as well.  You can of course adlib and make the card entirely your own by changing up colours adding embellishments, splattering it with snow before you glitter it up – the sky is the limit.  Enjoy yourself and “try it, you’ll love it”!


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