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DIY Engraved Jewelry Dish

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Check out the video tutorial on YouTube HERE

Supplies available at Designaholic Studio

DAS air dry clay 

Burin Embossing Tool

DEMCO White Gesso

Roses Napkin Set

DecoArt Dazzlling Metallics in Glorious Gold

Mod Podge

Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Varnish

Get ready to make this super cute personalized jewelry dish!  It's very easy and only uses a few supplies.  Here we go...

* Take a nice chunk of clay off your brick of DAS clay.  Roll it into a ball and flatten it.  Roll it out to a thickness of around 1/4".  I used a clear acrylic rolling tool but you can use a small rolling pin or even a bottle.

*Use a round glass to cut out a circle in the clay.  Remove the excess clay from around the circle.  This is your round dish!  

*Put the clay circle onto a dish or inside a bowl to create a small raised edge (you don't want your rings falling off!).

*You can smooth out any rough edges b

y going over it with a wet finger.

* Use a Burin embossing tool (also known as a Stylus) to carve out an initial. You could also use something with a fine end like a skewer or a toothpick. I carved the letter C because that's what my name starts with :).  I found a cursive "C" online as a guide for me, then I drew it out on a piece of paper to use as a reference for carving. Again, use a wet finger to soften any rough edges.

*Let the clay dry for around 24 hours.  I place it on a paper drink tray so that the air could flow underneath which would allow the clay to dry evenly.

*Once dry, give the entire dish a coat of white Gesso.  Let dry.

* Separate your napkin layers.  This napkin has 3 layers (2 white and 1 printed).  Arrange your napkin on the dish where you would like the pattern to be.  Use a wet paint brush to paint the napkin around the dish.  Separate the outer napkin .  Do this gently because it tears easily.

*Position your napkin piece on the dish.  Lift a small section and apply some Mod Podge.  Place the napkin back down and cover the top with a coat of mod podge.  Continue this process all around the dish until the whole napkin is glued.  Make sure to push the napkin down into your letter carving.  Let dry

*Paint the back of the dish with 2-3 coats of metallic paint. Let dry.

*Paint the edge of the dish with 2-3 coats of metallic paint. Let dry.

*Paint the engraved portion of the letter with 2 coats of metallic paint.  You'll want to use a very small paint brush. Let dry.

*Give the entire dish 2-3 coats of Triple Thick varnish.  This will make it very glossy!!  Love it!

We hope you enjoyed the fun and easy project.  See ya next time!!


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