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Easy DIY Decoupage Tote/Gift Bag

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Here's a super quick DIY project just in time for Christmas and you only need a few supplies.  This simple tote bag embellished with a beautiful holiday wreath napkin will have a big impact!  Use it to to carry your haul from baking supply run to the grocery store or as a re-usable gift bag for someone special!  Check out our YouTube tutorial for this project HERE!

Supplies Available at Designaholic Studio!

Canvas Tote Bag

Mod Podge - Fabric

Christmas Wreath Napkin Set

Water Pen or Paint Brush

* Choose your napkin.  We used this Holiday wreath napkin!

* Remove the layers of napkin.  You only want the image layer.  This napkin has 3 layers altogether; 2 white layers and the image layer.

* Use a water pen or a wet paint brush to trace around your image.  Pull the design away from the napkin edges.  You want the edges to be rough so they blend in to the canvas tote when decoupaged down.

*Position the images where you want them on the tote.  This napkin was great

because it had 4 corner pieces which fit perfectly in the corners of the bag.  We also placed the wreath right in the middle of the tote.

*Once you've figured out where you want everything, lay down some fabric Mod Podge on the bag where the image will be.  Carefully place the image over the wet glue.  Gently tap it down.  You can put a piece of clear plastic (page protector, sandwich bag etc.) over the napkin and smooth it out with your fingers.  This will prevent it from ripping and it will get any creases or air bubbles out.  

* Add a layer of Mod Podge over top of the napkin to seal.

* Repeat this process with all of your napkin pieces.

* Let it dry (it might take a day or so for it to be fully cured)

...and Voila! You're done and you've got a gorgeous one of a kind gift bag or Christmas tote to carry your Christmas baking supply haul!

 Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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