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Mixed Media Iris Canvas Board and Tag

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 Supplies available at Designaholic Studio

Large mixed media tag                          5 x 7 canvas board

Josephine Decoupage Napkin Set          Mixed Meadow Decoupage Napkin Set

Dreamer Decoupage Napkin Set             Washi Tape

Vintage Postage Stamp Stickers Set         Daler Rowney Watercolor Pan Set

White Gesso                                             Mix Media Glue

#5 round paint brush                                Stickles Glitter Glue-Stardust

Rhinestone Embellishments                      Sentiments Stencil

Purple Texture Cream (coming soon)        Pallette Knife (coming soon)

Metal Butterfly Embellishment                   Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Both of these lovely pieces (tag and 5 x 7 canvas board) are done in the same manner using the same napkins and the same colour scheme.  Tiny details at the end of the projects are different and I will address that a little later. 

I started both projects using our Josephine Napkin.  I did a lot of tearing and positioning of the pieces until I was happy with the arrangement.  That took me a bit because it just wasn’t working for me but that is a perfect example of how you just must persevere because eventually it will come together.  This project gave me a chance to use some Washi Tape and a sticker (on the canvas only) from the Vintage Postage Stamp Sticker Set (includes 3 sheets of postage stamp stickers).  The Washi Tape is across the bottom of both the canvas and the tag.  The sticker is in the top right corner of the canvas.  I am a little sceptical about the permanence of the glue on the Washi Tape and on stickers, so I applied both with mix media glue.  I put glue under and over both. 

Next, I glued on the napkin pieces that I had already prepared in the arrangement I had decided on earlier.  I let that dry completely.  In the meantime, I tore out the small Iris and the large Iris, the lilac from the Mixed Meadow napkin and the small purple butterfly from the Dreamer napkin.  Make sure that your tag and canvas are completely dry before you go on.  Now it’s time to use your finger to place white Gesso underneath the areas where your flowers and butterfly will be.  Let the Gesso dry. 

I feel like I’m always saying “let this dry” or “let that dry” but it is important that you do.  Wet Gesso can find its way to places where you don’t want it and wet glue can catch and rip something that you need to use. 

Using the method of Mix Media Glue under and over each piece, apply the Irises, the Lilac and the butterfly one at a time.   Since the next step is to use watercolour to shade, your surfaces once again must be dry.  To make focal points pop, I used dark purple watercolour to shade in all the areas that you can see in the picture (like around the outside edges of the canvas, around the iris etc.). 

Start off with a light application of colour and then go on to deepen here and there.  You absolutely do not have to be careful with this process.  Just try to keep the paint off the flowers and the purple butterfly. 


I used a black Micron pen (0.5) to outline the Iris and the Daisy.  I added some pearls for texture, but you can use rhinestones stickers if you like.  Using Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky glue I added the word ‘bloom’.  This word was one that I had made previously and kept in my stash. 

These word tags come in very handy and having our Cardstock Snippet Paper Embellishments available makes it easy to do a whole bunch of words and keep them in reserve.  I used some Stickles Glitter Glue in ‘Stardust’ on

the Iris petals and I was done!

Canvas ONLY: To finish up the canvas I added the word ‘Wish’ by using a palette knife to spread our purple Texture Cream over the wish stencil.  That was done directly onto thecanvas.  Make sure to wash your stencil (soap and water) and your palette knife immediately so that the texture cream doesn’t harden.  Either let the word dry or keep away from it and glue rhinestone stickers to the bodies of each butterfly.  Glue a metal butterfly embellishment to the canvas wherever you like and glue two rhinestones to the body.  Voila, you are now done the canvas.  You have created two lovely pieces.  Have a fun crafting day and I assure you that if you “try it, you’ll love it”!

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