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'The Spirit of Halloween' Card Tutorial

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Supplies Available at Designaholic Studio:

Mixed Media Card

Full Moon Halloween Napkin Set

Flying Witch Napkin Set

Gold Glitter

Black Glitter

Decoupage Glue

Black Lace Trim

Rhinestone Embellishments

Flat Brush

Double Sided Tape

Additional Supplies: Scissors, Plastic Wrap or Page Protector

 Thank goodness for the card creations being sent to me by my aunt.  As I have said before, here cards are amazing while my attempts at card making are rather abysmal.  Since I haven’t done a blog for a bit (have been in a little bit of an upheaval here).  I was very grateful for these Halloween additions to our blog.  I’m giving everyone the making directions for this card just in case you would love to try it.  Here goes –

  • Use the card picture as a guide and trim off ¾” on the right side of the napkin and 2 1/2 “ off the left side. Trim approximately ½” off the bottom.
  • Cut a piece of black cardstock 4” x 6”.
  • Separate the layers of the napkin (this napkin has 2 layers only).
  • Cut a piece of watercolour paper that is larger than the napkin.
  • Paint Mod Podge onto the watercolour paper and put the napkin on top of it.
  • Place a piece of plastic wrap or a page protector over top, smooth out bubbles and creases with an old gift card or credit card. Let dry!
  • Put a coat of Mod Podge over dry napkin.
  • Trim off any excess watercolour paper.
  • Use double sided tape to glue the napkin piece to the black cardstock and then the black cardstock to the card.
  • Using Aleene’s glue – glue the black lace border to the bottom of the napkin piece.
  • Add black glitter to the bats and the cat
  • Add gold glitter (surprising, I know) to the trees (trunks and branches and the inside of the lanterns)
  • Refer to the photo of the back of the card and tear out the tree. The cat and the gravestones (no orange please) from the original napkin.
  • Separate the layers
  • Mod Podge to the left bottom corner.
  • Cut the Flying Witch from the napkin of the same name and using the process previously mentions, Mod Podge her to the sky area on the back of the card. (doing the back is absolutely optional – but looks so cute!)
  • Perhaps add some black glitter to the black areas.

You can make this card your own in so many ways.  Change the colour of the glitter on the tree (purple might be cool), change the crystal colour, glitter up the moon instead of the bats, add a Halloween word.  Just have fun and “try it, you’ll love it”.

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