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Vintage Inspired Decoupage Easter Egg

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Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

Foam Eggs

Bunny Eggs Napkin Set

Demco White Gesso

Mod Podge

Stamperia Allegro Acrylic Paint in Lilac, Light Green and Turquoise

Daler-Rowney Watercolour Pan Set

One Step Crackle by DecoArt

DecoArt Glazing Medium

DecoArt Meallics in Worn Penny

DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss

Fused Pearl Embellishments

Rosettes: Coming Soon

Ribbon: Coming Soon

Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue:  

Paint Brushes

Water Brush

Other Supplies:

Paper towel, skewer, straight pin


Well, Easter is almost upon us.  The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the flowers are starting to sprout.  I love to decorate for the Springtime and these beautiful vintage inspired Easter eggs have made an amazing addition to my décor.  Follow along to make a set of your own.  You can also find, the video tutorial available on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/3ZD4mQCIyhc

* Put a skewer into the bottom of a Styrofoam egg.  This will act as a handle for you as you work as well as a way to keep the egg from sitting on a surface as it dries.

* Paint 4-5 coats of white Gesso over the whole egg.  This creates a nice smooth surface. Let dry between coats.

* Separate your napkin layers (this napkin has 3 layers - 2 white and 1 image layer).

* Trace around the Easter Bunnies(there are 3 different ones on this napkin) with a wet paintbrush or a water brush.  Gently pull the bunny away from the outer napkin.

* Mod Podge one bunny to an egg, see photos for placement - paint some Podge on the surface, place half the bunny over the glue and paint more glue over the bunny.  Repeat this with the rest of the bunny napkin.  Let dry.

* Paint the entire egg in the colour of your choice (I used Lilac, Light Green and Turquoise).  Use a fine paintbrush to carefully paint around the bunny.  Let dry.  Add more coats of paint for full coverage if necessary.

* Use watercolour paint in a complimentary colour around each bunny.  Keep the paint the darkest right around the bunny and gradually fade the colour out from the image.  I also painted the entire egg with the watercolour very diluted to give a 'mottled' effect to the egg.  Let dry.

* Paint a very thick coat of One Step Crackle over the entire egg.  Allow to dry 2-4 hours.  This layer will start to crack as it dries. 

* Mix some Glazing Medium and water (1:1) and add a dollop of Worn Penny Metallic paint.  Mix well.

* Use a damp paper towel (I love the blue Shop Towels - they are the best for crafting - let me know in the comments if you'd like us to carry them in our store) dipped in the mixture and rub it into the surface of the egg, so that it gets into the cracks.  Wipe off any excess if necessary.  Complete this process over the entire egg, even over the image.  Let dry.

* Pain 2-3 coats of Triple Thick varnish over the entire egg, drying between coats.  

* Carefully remove the skewer.  Trim off any excess paint with scissors.

* Cut a piece of fused pearls to fit around the the egg.  This will cover the hole at the bottom of the egg created by the skewer.  See the photos for placement.  Glue the pearls on, leaving a small space at the top of the egg for the hanger.

* Using a 6" piece of 1/4" ribbon, glue the ends together to create a hanging loop.

* Create 2 more loops, both the same size with 1 long end.  Create a third loop without a long end.  It's quite hard to explain this part in words, but go check out the video tutorial to see how it's done!  https://youtu.be/3ZD4mQCIyhc

* Use a straight pin and put it through the hanger.  Place the 2 larger loops on top of the egg with the long ends resting at the back of the egg.  Put the straight pin into the egg, through the 2 loops already on top of the egg.

* Add some glue between the ribbon and the egg to secure in place.

* Glue the third smaller loop on top of the pin to hide the pin top.

* Glue 3 rosettes on top of the small loop.

And you're done!!  Make one in every colour if you like!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have an awesome crafty day Designaholics!


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