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Vintage Key Tag DIY

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Supplies available at Designaholic Studio:

3” x 1.5” wood tag

Stamperia Aqua Color Spray Paint (Aquamarine, Dark Green, Lilac)

DecoArt Glazing Medium 

Stamperia paper pad “Passion”

Stamperia Mix Media Glued

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Stickles Glitter glue

Blending wedge

Brown pigment ink pad

Vintage key

Other Supplies: old book page

 We just got these neat little wooden tags in, and I really wanted to have some fun with them so I sat down and just started creating.  Sometimes my best work is done with nothing in mind and no specific prep work.  I wanted to create a look for the background that was a bit different, sort of ethereal.  I began by spraying a little water directly onto the tag.  I followed that with sprays of Aquamarine, Dark Green and Lilac Aqua color.  The colours ran together

beautifully because of the water underneath but I realized after the fact that drying was going to take some time.  So, I made myself a coffee, checked my e-mail, got busy and didn’t get back to my tag until the following day.  It was certainly dry and I was very happy with the results. 

Before I went ahead with the front though, I traced my tag onto a pretty square of paper from the “Passion” paper pad, cut it out and glued it onto the back of the tag.  Of course, I used Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue and painted it on to the back of the tag.  I then used my sponge wedge which I had dressed with brown pigment ink and went around all of the edges of the tag. 

Turing the tag over, I began to complete the front.  In order to protect my lovely background, I covered it with a coat of Glazing Medium which dried quickly, and I was ready to proceed.  I tore a narrow strip off an old book page (it was as long as the tag), decided that I wanted it on the right side and used our Stamperia Mix Media Glue (under and over) to adhere it to the tag.  I found a scrap piece from my “Passion” scrapbook pad and tore a narrow strip of it off as well.  I let my tearing meander a but to add interest.  Before gluing it on top of the print, I used my sponge wedge again.  I find that the sponge wedge holds colour and I don’t have to constantly refresh it.  This really adds an aged look which I love.  Of course, like with everything else that’s a personal choice.  So, I sat back to look at what I was creating and felt like it was missing something.  Glitter of course, because in my family, I am the “glitter queen”  I used a layer of Stickles Glitter Glue which I painted on wherever I could see the background.  I let the glitter glue dry.  I then searched out an appropriate sentiment from my Stamperia paper pad (Be passionate), cut it out and glued it across the bottom of the tag. 
I love using new product and was anxious to try out the Gold Contour tube with a long narrow applicator.  The paint comes out with a raised effect.  I followed one of the lines that separate the scrapbook strip and the word strip, stopping at the sentiment and starting again under it.  I found that this paint flattened a bit as it dried but not enough to ruin the effect.  Add another thing to my list of things to use again – it was fun to experiment.  Now the only thing left to do was to glue on a vintage key. 
The second tag was done in exactly the same way.  For that tag, I used Stamperia’s Aqua Color in Aquamarine, Old Rose and Lilac for the background and the word "Inspire".  Have fun with these, experiment with background colours and the things you use as embellishments.  Have a fun crafting day and I leave you with my mantra, “try it, you’ll love it”!

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